Month: May 2020

Top 7 Tinder Profile Photo Trends

If you’ve ever wanted to give your Tinder profile photo an extra boost, we’ve made it easy to spot the trends and apply. Spruce up your tired Tinder profile photos with some confidence. Online dating will be a breeze and you’ll have that special someone swiping right in no time.

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How To Avoid Falling For Your DTF Tinder Dates

You’re sitting in your room, a Friday night, you’re horny as f***. You open up profiles of potential Tinder dates and think to yourself, I’ll settle.  DTF stands for Down To F*** which you already knew you slut. When it’s been awhile you know that urge. Don’t fight it. 

5 Simple Rules To Avoid Falling For Your DTF Tinder Dates: 

  1. Do not fall in love 
  2. Never under any circumstances agree to a 3rd date 
  3. Ghost hard like Whoopie 
  4. Contact their exes with a crystal ball 
  5. If all else fails, talk about religion  Read more

Tinder Date Murder Rates Spike Up On Wednesdays

A mysterious rise in Tinder date murders specifically for Wednesday evenings. Tinderella breaks it down for you. The Wobbly Wednesday Killer is the main spike followed by a few other Wednesday woes. 

Who Is The Wobbly Wednesday Killer?

The Wobbly Wednesday Killer, otherwise known as WWK, is a man that loves killing and torturing women he finds exclusively on a Tinder date. 

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