If you’ve ever wanted to give your Tinder profile photo an extra boost, we’ve made it easy to spot the trends and apply. Spruce up your tired Tinder profile photos with some confidence. Online dating will be a breeze and you’ll have that special someone swiping right in no time.

Tinder Profile Photo Greatest Hits:

  1. Work It Out!
  2. Bikini Pic
  3. Exotic animal photos
  4. Mirror Selfie
  5. Photochopped Photoshop
  6. Puppy Dog Filter
  7. Full Frontal

1. Work It Out! 

You just spent $437 on Lululemon clothing that you’re going to lounge around the house in. Might as well get a booty call if you can’t fully fit your booty in those pants yet. Yes, you do not actually have to work out to wear exercise clothing for a Tinder profile photo. Plus you can take all the time you like to get that sideways skinny pose just right in the sunlight.

2. Bikini Pic Tinder Profile Photo 

Classic. Girls – any bikini or one piece will do. Guys – no hawaiian flower board shorts. You’re better than that.

3. Exotic Animal Tinder Profile Pics 

Lions, tigers, and bears – oh my, don’t stop! 1 exotic animal pic turns heads but 2 – go for it. They’ll be ogling over your world traveler status. Or just go to your local zoo and fake it. Get really close up to the glass then photoshop that glare out later.

4. Mirror Selfie Tinder Profile Photo

Sure, you could put on a timer and take a pic but where’s the creativity in that? A good old fashioned mirror pic with a little flash does the trick every time. Catch that rainbow prism glimmer you sassy pants! Bonus for covering your face.

5. Photochopped Photoshop 

So you started out with good intentions in Photoshop for your Tinder profile photo. And now you don’t know what’s a shadow and how many fingers you have. It’s okay because you look hot and who cares if the beach background cuts a little into your love handles? If you’ve got a few pounds to spare: a little autocorrect, sepia tone aaaanndd…good enough.

6. Dog Filter For Your Tinder Profile Photo 

Any cute woodland animal will do. Deer, kitty cat, opossum. You know, anything with whiskers. Just make sure your eyes take up half of your face like your aunt’s ceramic Precious Moments figurine. Go full Japanese cuteness. Extra credit for filtering your dog with a dog face.

7. Full Frontal Online Dating Profile Pic 

And finally…a fully nude pic. Censored with a cleverly placed childhood stuffed animal or phone of course. Don’t ever let anyone tell you how to represent.

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