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How To Avoid Falling For Your DTF Tinder Dates

You’re sitting in your room, a Friday night, you’re horny as f***. You open up profiles of potential Tinder dates and think to yourself, I’ll settle.  DTF stands for Down To F*** which you already knew you slut. When it’s been awhile you know that urge. Don’t fight it. 

5 Simple Rules To Avoid Falling For Your DTF Tinder Dates: 

  1. Do not fall in love 
  2. Never under any circumstances agree to a 3rd date 
  3. Ghost hard like Whoopie 
  4. Contact their exes with a crystal ball 
  5. If all else fails, talk about religion  Read more

Tinder Date Murder Rates Spike Up On Wednesdays

A mysterious rise in Tinder date murders specifically for Wednesday evenings. Tinderella breaks it down for you. The Wobbly Wednesday Killer is the main spike followed by a few other Wednesday woes. 

Who Is The Wobbly Wednesday Killer?

The Wobbly Wednesday Killer, otherwise known as WWK, is a man that loves killing and torturing women he finds exclusively on a Tinder date. 

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